Romney Advises Biden to Leave January 6 Alone

( – Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is warning Joe Biden and his campaign that running out the 2020 playbook would not be wise. Romney offered his thoughts following Joe Biden’s recent 2024 campaign launch speech near Valley Forge, PA in which he tried to paint former president Donald Trump as a would-be-dictator who tried to stage an insurrection on January 6th, 2021 (J6).

Romney’s advice to Biden was to move on and “stop kicking a dead horse.” The 2012 GOP presidential nominee said that in his view, the American people have already weighed and measured J6 and have “processed it one way or another.” Romney is concerned Biden is not offering something fresh and new to excite voters.

Romney has been one of the most anti-Trump politicians in the country despite being within the same party. Romney lobbied to be a member of Trump’s cabinet after the 2016 election but was passed over and has been a political enemy of the 45th president ever since. Romney was the only member of the Republican Party to vote to impeach Trump, believing that he was trying to incite an insurrection on J6. Romney has also said that he’d vote for the GOP presidential nominee in 2024 as long as it’s not either Donald Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy.

Biden’s attempt to re-run his 2020 ‘attack Trump’ playbook will likely have trouble picking up new converts. Biden was recently heckled over his position on the Israel and Gaza conflict while speaking at a black church in South Carolina. That state should be a stronghold for him as it was his primary win in South Carolina that kept his then floundering campaign alive before capturing the nomination.

Biden’s three-year record has voters feeling unsatisfied with the economy as well as foreign relations and future prospects. The staggering illegal alien numbers, record-high inflation and mortgage rates have spooked voters about the prospect of more of the same if Bidens wins a second term.

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