Rubio Criticizes Networks Over Handling of Trump’s Speech

( – Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and labeled certain networks as no different than authoritarian government, state-run media. Rubio is referring to MSNBC and CNN’s handling of Donald Trump’s Iowa caucus victory speech. While networks like Fox News ran it live in its entirety, MSNBC refused to show it at all and CNN interrupted it and derided its content.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explained that the network chose not to show the speech because they have made the decision not to give Trump a platform on their network. CNN cut the speech off after initially airing it and its anchor Jake Tapper said Trump was “repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric” as the reason for cutting away.

Rubio said that he believes it’s well known that the media has a Democrat bias but that bias has now turned into blatant partisanship. He said the decision by networks to dictate to its audience what they should see is precisely what state-run propaganda media does in other countries to discredit people. He said this practice is “destroying media in this country’ and because of tactics like this the media has lost credibility with the public.

Rubio noted that the anchors will spin a narrative and then show carefully selected clips of their target to shape a false opinion. The senator said a free nation would show the speech and let viewers see for themselves what was said and make up their own minds. MSNBC’s Maddow called Trump a liar and said the network will not “knowingly broadcasting untrue things.” Maddow said this while the speech was taking place and could not possibly have known if any statements being made were untrue.

This move may have also served as a way for the left-win networks to placate their audiences. CNN’s Town Hall with Donald Trump in May of 2023 was met with scorn and outrage from both the network’s viewers and some of its employees. The next GOP primary will take place in New Hampshire on January 23rd and Trump is favored to win it. Whether the networks will run that potential Trump victory speech remains to be seen.

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