Russia Condemns US Strikes in Yemen

( – Russia is condemning the United States for its “irresponsible actions” regarding recent air strikes on the nation of Yemen. The U.S. and Britain launched air strikes on military targets after a series of Houthi rebel attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea. The action is viewed by many as an expansion of the on-going Israel war with Hamas forces in Gaza.

Russia has an alliance with Iran, which puts it on the same side as Hamas and the Hothis in many respects because they are largely financed by Iran. Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, issued the statement that called the U.S. irresponsible and sternly condemned the action. She added that any “large-scale escalation” in the region could badly damage recent “Yemeni settlement” developments. She said the U.S. and its allies are acting to destabilize the Middle East.

This condemnation follows more than a year of the West criticizing, sanctioning and opposing Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Putin tried to spin this by saying the same people who criticize his actions are themselves engaged in unlawful military operations. He says these strikes were not worked out or endorsed by the United Nations and are therefore an “illegal adventure.”

Russian officials said they are concerned about Saudi Arabia and others within the region now that the U.S. and Britain are launching strikes. Riyadh mirrored these statements and has called for “avoiding escalation” after the U.S. strikes, and announced they are monitoring the situation closely.

Iran also condemned the United States for the strikes on Yemen. U.S. spokespeople countered, defending the strikes by saying the Netherlands, Canada, Bahrain and Australia have all voiced their support. They claim the strikes were an approved component from the international coalition focused on protecting trade routes in the Red Sea. The route provides about 15% of all the world’s shipping. For their part, the Yemeni Houthi’s responded by saying that despite their assaults on the shipping vessels there was no justification for the air strikes. They pledged to continue targeting any ship that may be bringing supplies of any kind to Israel.

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