School Official DEFENDS Hitler!

School Official Claims Hitler Had Strong Leadership Qualities

School Official Claims Hitler Had Strong Leadership Qualities

( – A 12-year-old boy from Carmel Valley Middle School in California recently revealed to his father, Dr. Roy David, that his history teacher was displaying a portrait of Adolf Hitler on her classroom wall. The image wasn’t there to teach the 7th-grade class about World War II but to hail the genocidal dictator as a person with good “leadership qualities.”

Dr. David, a Jewish man whose relatives were killed in the Holocaust, couldn’t believe what he was hearing, so he confirmed the story and contacted the teacher. He didn’t hear back. The pre-teen returned to class the next day and questioned the instructor about why the photo was on the wall next to such people as JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. The educator affirmed her stance that, while Hitler might have “done some bad things,” he still had leadership skills to be admired.

NGO StopAntisemitism said the move by the teacher was either pure ignorance or malice. After an outcry from the community, Principal Vicki Kim issued an apology to the Bobcat families whose children attended the California school. She assured the public and parents that the situation was quickly resolved and apologized for any hurt the institution caused the Jewish population and others the photo negatively affected.

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