Schumer Caters to Fetterman, Ditches Senate Dress Code

( – It’s often been said that the greatest attribute of the Democratic Party is their ability to stick together no matter what and never fracture in any way from the collective. It seems that’s the case once more as first-term Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has regularly been making news for his slovenly appearance everywhere he goes. 

He will often show up to conduct official United States Senate business wearing an over sized hooded sweatshirt, shorts and dirty sneakers with no socks. This manner of dress is outside of most every professional business code of appearance and especially for a body like the Senate. Rather than require Fetterman conform to the simplest dress code, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has decided to lower the bar and change the rules to appease Fetterman. 

The sergeant-at-arms of the Senate was instructed by Schumer to ignore the requirements requiring male members to wear a suit. Schumer said Senators will now “choose what they wear” while conducting official business in the Senate. Republican House Representative from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene was angered by Schumer’s appeasement and demanded that out of respect for our institutions that we “stop lowering the bar.” The Daily Wire is calling the removal of a dress code the “Fetterman Rule.” It’s not known if there were ‘official’ dress code rules anywhere but what is sure is that the new rules will go into effect this week and continue in perpetuity.

Back in 2019 Democrat members of the House of Representatives made changes to the official dress code of that institution to appease Democrat lawmakers as well. For almost 200 years members were forbidden from wearing religious headgear or scarves while performing official duties in the House. Led by Minnesota Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar, the rule was amended and changed under Paul Ryan by a vote of 234 to 197. Both changes have been lauded by the left as moves to be ‘more inclusive’ to their ‘diverse’ lawmakers.

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