Schumer’s Bold Prediction Shakes Kushner!

( – Jared Kushner appeared on Lex Fridman’s podcast and told a story about Democrat New York State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spreading rumors about Kushner having nefarious ties to Russia. The alleged gossip from the senator took place in 2016, during the height of the media and political class trying to connect Donald Trump to Russia and then alleging a conspiracy that resulted in Hillary Clinton losing the election to Trump.

Kushner said that Schumer was dining with wealthy residents in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and told them “Jared’s going to jail”. The rumor then spread throughout the city’s social circle and was eventually heard by Jared’s own mother. She placed a concerned call to her son who said he told her “I promise you” that there’s nothing to the accusations and assured her he would not be imprisoned.

Kushner described to Friedman, the concerted effort by the political class to tie him to Russia, which resulted in more than 20 hours of testimony before several committees and cost him millions of dollars in legal fees. Kushner is married to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and served as an advisor to President Trump throughout his term. Kushner told Fridman he was awestruck by the power of Schumer’s gossip and rumor spreading, saying it was “interesting… to see” how so many people believed something that was “1,000 percent” untrue.

Kushner said he initially dismissed the gossip as nonsense because of the lack of any substance but realized that he needed to watch what he said nonetheless as any statement that could be misconstrued would be used against him. The “Russia-gate” allegations were investigated by a multi-million dollar special counsel headed by former FBI director, Robert Mueller. After two years, the counsel finally declared no-one in the Trump organization had any ties to Russia and the election was not altered by any Trump and Russian collusion. Despite the exoneration, 2020 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton recently cited the Trump and Russia ‘collusion’ as costing her the 2016 election.

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