South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s Surprise Proposal

( – Republican Senator Tim Scott, 58, of South Carolina, got engaged last weekend to his girlfriend Mindy Noce. Scott was a longtime bachelor who kept his personal life very private throughout his time in government. Scott said the time is now right and he is looking forward to wedding the mother of three.

Noce, an interior designer, has been married before but this will be the first union for Scott. They met after being introduced to each other at their church and grew closer during Bible study sessions. Scott joked that he was smitten by her photo alone but says it was after two weeks of dating Noce that he knew he wanted something more permanent. He said they hit it off almost immediately as their first conversation lasted for nearly two hours.

Scott had an abbreviated run for the Republican nomination for president early this year but withdrew after not garnering enough support. However, it was after the third debate in Miami when Noce made her national debut when she joined Scott at his podium as the debate ended.

Scott said he was unsure how to propose in a memorable way. He pondered doing after playing pickleball with Noce, a hobby they both enjoy. He said that idea was shot down by a friend of his after which he decided to get down on one knee at a South Carolina beach. Noce was seen wearing her sparkly new engagement ring while attending church on the following day.

Scott announced the news via his Twitter account by citing Bible verse Proverbs 18:22, which describes a man receiving the Lord’s favor when he finds a wife. Scott recently endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency and while appearing with Trump on Monday, January 22nd at a New Hampshire primary rally, Trump congratulated the Palmetto State senator on his recent engagement and joked that he thought such a thing would never happen.

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