Star Trek’s George Takei’s Response Stirs Debate

( – Far-left activist and actor George Takei has posted a number of headline-grabbing things to social media over the years but his latest has left many rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. The subject of Takei’s tweet related to the recent murder of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley who was allegedly killed while jogging by a 26-year-old illegal alien named Jose Antonio Ibarra. This killing has raised the illegal alien issue to new heights of controversy as Ibarra had been detained and released numerous times due to both the Biden border policy and state’s “sanctuary city” policies.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) tweeted a response to a report about Riley’s death. He wrote that all parents and Americans are saddened by the young woman’s death; he went on to offer sympathy and prayers to the family and pointed the finger at Biden’s border policy and prodded Biden to “CLOSE THE BORDER.”

Enter the former Star Trek star. Takei quoted Johnson’s tweet and wrote about his own experience while being interned in a camp during World War II. The internment was ordered by Democrat president Franklin D. Roosevelt for Japanese-Americans in 1942. Takei’s tweet offers no sympathy or even a mention of Riley, he seemed to be trying to paint Johnson as racist for wanting the close the border and ended the tweet with “Never Again.”

Many people responded that Takei’s message was ill-informed and off-base. They pointed out that FDR was a Democrat president and wondered how closing the border would be “racist.” Several people asked the former “Lt. Sulu” to explain how Johnson was being “racist” with his tweet. Author of the new book “Mao’s America,” Chinese-American, Xi Van Fleet, tweeted to Takei that the common denominator between the wrong he referenced from the past and the wrong Johnson referenced now is Democrat politicians and policies.

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