States’ Secession Not Viable, According to Nikki Haley

( – Nikki Haley has attempted to offer some clarity to remarks she previously made about Texas possibly seceding from the United States. The presidential hopeful made comments on January 31st saying that if Texans were to decide in large majority to leave the union “they can do that.” She said it would be their “decision to make.”

However, more recently while appearing on February 4’s “State of the Union” show Haley backtracked and said “according to the Constitution” Texas can’t leave the union no matter what Texans may want to do. Haley did her best to spin her remarks in a new direction saying that she did not want to appear as though she approved of a secession plan. She said seceding is “not an issue at all” but the issue is the federal government not listening to the needs of a state.

Talk of secession has been heard recently as a reaction to the conflict Governor Greg Abbott is having with Joe Biden and his administration over illegal immigration. After three years and millions of aliens entering the country, mostly through the state of Texas, Abbott ordered barriers with razor wire be erected to stem the flow. The Biden administration took Abbott to the Supreme Court who sent down a 5-4 decision granting the federal government the right to remove the barriers. Abbott responded by saying he disagreed with the ruling and that he still has the authority to construct the barriers. He also noted the decision may give the federal government the right to remove the barriers but there is nothing in the decision stopping him from putting them right back up.

Haley continues to poll far behind former president Donald Trump in both state and national polls. She recently finished more than 30 points behind “None of the Above” in the Nevada primary that did not feature Donald Trump as an option. Trump is expected to easily win the next series of primaries including in South Carolina where Haley was once governor. Haley has vowed to continue on past February 25’s South Carolina primary no matter what and stay in the race at least through the Super Tuesday primary docket.

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