Steve Buscemi Attacked While Walking in NYC

( Actor Steve Buscemi was assaulted in New York City in a random act of violence. The perpetrator is unknown and is still free, but surveillance photos portray a man with a beard and baseball cap. Buscemi had injuries to his left eye and was taken to a local hospital after the NYPD arrived on the scene.

A witness said they saw the actor walking with a woman before he tripped and fell backwards. According to the witness, Buscemi immediately got up and started running in the other direction. One of Buscemi’s co-stars in a Boardwalk Empire faced a similar assault while walking the streets of New York City. Actor Michael Stuhlbarg was attacked in March and the 27-year old suspect was later charged with assault.

Buscemi has confirmed he is okay following the attack and thanks everyone who has shown concern following the incident. The brief statement that was released also said that it is “sad” that this incident occurred in the streets, which indicates a similar attack could happen to anyone. The incident took place just before noon on Wednesday May 8. Buscemi also had a swollen face after he was punched by the assailant.

Several reports from the end of March detailed a wave of random violent attacks against women walking the streets of New York. One victim had a broken jaw and lost three teeth after a man punched her in the face.

New York has been criticized for their implementation of bail reform measures that let out suspects on personal recognizance bonds. PR bonds allow suspects to get immediately released with just a signature. The intent is that a person is innocent until proven guilty, so a person without funds to pay a bond shouldn’t be held in jail before facing trial. A study found 66% of suspects released under the current bail reform measures committed another crime and were arrested less than two years after being released. Nearly half of the suspects released committed another felony.

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