Supreme Court RULING Has Major 2A Side Effect!

Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door on Major Gun Issue

Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door on Major Gun Issue

( – In the wake of mass shootings in different parts of the United States, the Second Amendment has been a hot topic of conversation among lawmakers and average Americans alike. Many gun rights advocates felt some states went too far in restricting the right to bear arms.

In New York City, people who wanted to apply for concealed carry had to prove they had a need for protection to receive approval. In June, the US Supreme Court ruled the measure infringed on citizens’ constitutional rights and struck down the law. Now, the Empire State has a new decree on the books, causing even more controversy.

New York’s New Law

Part of the decision by SCOTUS in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen allowed for exceptions for concealed carry in “sensitive places.” Justice Clarence Thomas referenced “polling places and courthouses” as possible gun-free zones, while Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts included “schools and government buildings” on the list. Taking those suggestions and running with them, New York then passed a law naming 20 types of places citizens could not carry firearms in the state, in addition to enacting certain parameters one needed to meet for a concealed carry license.

The legislation took effect on September 1, and like bars, parks, and ferries became areas where guns are now prohibited.

Potential Issues and Pushback

Reactions to the law were swift, as many residents wondered how gun owners could reasonably leave their homes for the day with a firearm considering so many places carried restrictions. Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation were among the first to bring a suit to challenge the regulation. They alleged the measure was not in compliance with the recent SCOTUS ruling. Leaders from the New York State Jewish Gun Club announced they also planned to file a case with the courts. Members expressed the need to carry guns into places of worship for safety reasons.

Attorney Ameer Benno, who is working to overturn the law on behalf of the Jewish Gun Club, worries that designated gun-free zones make those very places more vulnerable to attack. The lawyer said people have the right to defend themselves no matter where they happen to be in the state — including churches, synagogues, and the like.

For now, lower courts will determine if the New York law is in compliance with the previous SCOTUS opinion. Benno said his client is willing to take the fight “as far as it takes” to overturn the restriction.

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