Supreme Court’s Razor Wire Verdict

( – To the surprise of many the Supreme Court recently sided with the Biden administration over the state of Texas regarding their border protocol. Texas has been overrun with thousands ofs illegal aliens coming over the border and entering the United States from Mexico. For all three years of the Biden term federal border agents have been assisting the aliens with entrance and have not tried to stop or deport the very large majority of crossers.

Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott recently decided to take action and stand up to a federal government he felt was abusing the state and failing to uphold federal immigration law. Abbott had state personnel install a razor wire barrier along areas where illegal alien traffic is the heaviest. In response to Abbott’s trying to curtail the influx, the Biden administration sued the state to have that and other barriers taken down. They claimed in the court filing that only the federal government has the authority to manage the nation’s borders and many aliens are or could be injured by the razor wire.

An appellate court sided with Texas but that decision was challenged and the matter was heard by the Supreme Court of the Unites States (SCOTUS). On Monday, January 22, the court delivered a decision reversing the appellate court and giving control of the Texas border back to the federal government. The decision saw the three liberal members of the court be joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and most surprisingly Trump appointee Amy Coney Barrett.

The Biden administration often derides the court as unjust, and frequently threatens to add more justices to help get decisions they would prefer, but the White House praised the court on this occasion. The ruling would give the federal government permission to go into Texas and cut down any barrier that it erects to thwart illegal aliens.

The case is ongoing as the court still needs to rule on other matters related to border authority. With that being the case, Abbott released a memo on Wednesday the 24th stating that he disagrees with the court’s ruling and will continue to safeguard the border located within Texas. Abbott ordered more razor wire barricades to be erected. Abbott said that the federal government has broken its compact between the United States federal government and the individual states by not enforcing border laws.

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