Target DEI Chief Gives Charge To White Women

( – After the George Floyd social unrest of 2020 Target executives decided to drastically change how they operate their business along racial lines. The company created a chief diversity and inclusion officer position and gave it to a woman named Kiera Fernandez. Target committed fully to the new corporate zeitgeist of diversity, equity and inclusion known as DEI. Fernandez wields DEI power like a warrior with a mighty broadsword; she leads Target’s ‘Racial Equality Action and Change’ operation. Through which Fernandez has made her mission the rapid “acceleration” of hiring, promoting and engaging customers along racial lines despite Target’s employee base already being more than 50% people of color.

Fernandez believes simply being black is “one of the hardest things” to endure. To fulfill her race-based mission she said the Target company is on pace to invest more than $2 billion with black-owned brands within the next 24 months. Additionally, she has increased the number of contractors of her preferred racial groups by 50% since just 2020. These include contracts with Target for suppliers, construction and maintenance companies. While taking part in a 2021 Zoom panel Fernandez explained how she’s preparing the company for a “demographic shift” within the country and needs to be “planting seeds” now. As if this wasn’t enough she then singled out a white woman on the panel and told her it is her responsibility to “use [her] voice” and speak up on behalf of DEI business practices. Fernandez despite being the chief officer who manages the budget told the women on the panel she is nonetheless discriminated against and a white woman’s voice may be more influential and therefore must speak up on behalf of the advancement of non-white people. Fernandez also delved into what she perceives as “systemic history” of racist practices within the company she is employed by and declared she aims to defeat “[Target’s] tolerance for intolerance” as part of her crusade for racial ‘equity’.

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