Target Spends $2M Promoting Wokeness In Schools

( – Target has been enduring a large amount of criticism and has seen its stock value plummet lately over their choice to sell a wide variety of trans and LGBTQ items in their stores and market many toward children. The controversy saw Target momentarily soften their stance only to come back and pledge that will not be altering anything. There were stories written about Target executives having all night meetings to avoid a “Bud Light” boycott scenario. Those reports saw the likes of California Governor Gavin Newsom publically blast the company for not standing strong for the LGBTQ community. Well, it seems that may have only been the opening round for Target and their critics. It’s recently been reported the company has been in partnership with an organization called the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) for over a decade.

Target boasts about their pride in the partnership with GLSEN. They praise the group as leaders in a “movement” which benefits LGBTQ and students of color. While that may seem like a reasonable position, when looking into GLSEN we see there may be a more radical agenda at work. GLSEN’s mission includes opposing legislation limiting sexually explicit reading materials for students. They believe in LGBTQ affirmation through learning from Kindergarten through grade 12. In 2015 Target’s executive vice president and chief corporate social responsibility officer, Laysha Ward, said they share GLSEN’s belief that “voices and stories of students” need to be given safe haven in schools.

Target has been reported to have donated around $2.1 million to the organization which works with schools to help transitioning students hide the matter from their parents. GLSEN calls for gender ideology to be woven throughout all areas of study and for teachers to make students aware of the full range of gender identity options. GLSEN has recently put out statements that “right-wing extremists” making the public more aware of this partnership endangers the “work they do.”

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