Tax Challenges for Biden’s Daughter Come To Light

( – Another member of the Biden family is running into tax problems and entanglements with the revenue collectors. This time it’s Ashley Biden, the 42-year-old daughter of the president. The amount of money in question compared to her brother Hunter Biden is significantly less at just over $5,000. A tax lien has been applied to Ashley Biden’s home by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Philadelphia County office.

They are alleging Ashley Biden dodged $1,691 in taxes for 2015 and another $1,956 in 2021. The first was while her father was serving as vice president and the second was during his current presidential term. The government has issued liens for each of the debts in the amounts of $2,736 and $2,249 respectively as well as a $94.44 filing fee for their efforts.

Ashley Biden has not commented on the liens but reports are that she has a net worth of approximately $2 million. The liens on her property will cause her payments to first be distributed to the government as the priority creditor on her account.

Ashley Biden’s name has splashed the headlines in the past, most notably surrounding a diary she is alleged to have left behind at a rehabilitation facility she was staying at. She’s said she has a problem with drugs and toxic relationships in the past. Within that diary, she appears to have written about her father, Joe Biden, showering with her during her teenage years. She wrote that this made her uncomfortable enough to wait until late into the night to shower.

Ashley’s brother Hunter Biden was recently indicted on nine counts of tax evasion in the amount of $1.4 million between 2016 and 2019. That indictment includes three felony counts. The government alleges Hunter Biden spent millions of dollars living extravagantly, spending large sums on prostitutes, hotels, exotic cars, homes, drugs and all sorts of other things. They say he spent money on everything but his taxes. Were Hunter to be convicted he could face as many as 17 years in prison for these offenses.

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