Taylor Swift Stops Concert As Bug Flies Into Mouth

(Daily360.com) – Taylor Swift is currently touring the nation on her sold out “Eras” tour. From city to city concert goers are all over social media posting smart phone footage of the star belting out her numerous hit songs. Last week videos were going viral of former Green Bay Packers and now New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers dancing and grooving to Swift’s pop stylings at his new place of business East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife stadium. Well, the Chicago stop of the tour provided a viral video of a different sort. Swift was on stage at Soldier Field when she opened her mouth to start her next song and inadvertently let in an unwelcomed guest. Her audience of ‘Swifties’ watched in confusion and silence as their icon suddenly stepped back, turned, covered her mouth and gagged for a bit. She recomposed herself, apologized and let everyone know she had just swallowed a bug. She joked that it was delicious and then asked if perhaps “none of you saw that” and then began to cough further. Once the coughing subsided she let the crowd know it was all “fine” as the bug had been swallowed. Swift then warned that it was likely to happen again as there were “so many bugs…a thousand of them” buzzing about.

Swift arrived in Chicago a few days into “pride month” and has been taking the opportunity to let her audience know about her total support for all things LGBTQ. She told the crowd her concerts a “safe space” for everyone and of her desire for all places to be “safe and beautiful” for those who identify as members of the LGBT community. She let the audience know that in her opinion “pride month” is linked to pain as she opined “so many harmful pieces of legislation” are being introduced recently that she feels endanger the “LGBTQ and queer community.”

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