Teens Arrested After Killing And Eating Beloved Town Swan

(Daily360.com) – A story almost to shocking to believe is coming from Manlius, New York. Faye, the town swan was nesting for the night beside the local pond with her four baby cygnets earlier in the week. Just after midnight an 18 year old resident named Eman Hussan and two other teenagers 17 and 16 jumped over the fence and held Faye down until she died. After her death the young men took her lifeless body along with her four baby cygnets to one of their homes where the family residing there cooked and ate the Manlius town swan. The perpetrators told authorities they planned to keep the cygnets. When asked by town police sergeant Ken Hatter what they planned to do with the cygnets, if they planned to eventually eat them too, the teenagers said they planned to raise them as pets. Hatter said the youths told him they did not know Faye was a swan, they claim they thought she was a large duck. Sgt Hatter said the trio recorded the gruesome incident on their cell phones. The three perpetrators were charged with the class D felonies of grand larceny and criminal mischief in the second degree; a class B misdemeanor of conspiracy in the fifth degree, and a class A misdemeanor of criminal trespass in the third degree.   

As for the baby cygnets who now have no mother to look after them, they have been in the care of the town biologist who has looked after Faye since 2007. The biologist is overseeing their father who is called Manny as well. He says Manny will see to the cygnets for approximately six more weeks at which time they should be able to fend for themselves. He said once that transition happens he will need to remove Manny from the environment as swans mate for life and without Faye, Manny will likely become combative. The town mayor said swans have been with and cared for by the town since 1905. He says hopefully things will return to normal soon.

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