Texas Company Forces Employees To Use Preferred Pronouns Or Face Termination

(Daily360.com) – If you’re the type of person who’s not good at remembering names then the City of Dallas council is probably not a place you should look to find employment. The council has mandated all employees must address each employee by their preferred pronouns or risk be fired. A document called “Workplace Gender Transition Protocols & FAQ” has made its way into the public square and the section on transgender conduct and expected behavior is quite strict. It refers to all possible gender identities and transition mindsets as equally protected and under this mandate. It reads in part that transition may include hormones and surgery or ‘coming out’ by telling co-workers their gender status. The document details that all employees will be “expected to respectfully use” whichever pronouns a person decides they should be addressed by at that time. The protocol document makes clear that any positions a worker may have on this issue are irrelevant, what a co-worker may ‘believe in’ is likewise of no consequence, all self-chosen pronouns will be respected regardless. 

It reads that every city employee has “the right” to be referred to by their chosen pronoun. It states this is a matter of respect for the individual. Should an employee not respect this pronoun position and misuses the ‘wrong’ pronoun that will be considered ‘discrimination and harassment.’ This would lead to an internal investigation and a number of disciplines including termination may result. The local government body refers to this manual as a “toolkit” which came from the city’s tax-payer funded Office of Equity. They say the protocol addresses the needs of “transgender and gender nonconforming employees” and gives managers guidance on the best practices to protect these employees. The protocol also suggests supervisors consult with the aggrieved employee in order to help determine potential discipline for the offending coworker.

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