The Mysterious Death of Tou Ger Xiong

( – Comedian Tou Ger Xiong, popular among the Hmong communities in his native Minnesota was kidnapped and killed earlier this month in Columbia. Xiong is known as a comedian and activist in Minnesota and was also known to enjoy traveling to Colombia frequently. While on his most recent and last trip, he was posting several photos to his social media accounts of himself and others seemingly having enjoyable engagements.

The would-be-fatal trip for Xiong began on November 29th, he posted photos of himself with friends at a Karol G concert in the city of Medellín. One of the people pictured with Xiong was a woman with red hair who seems to be the same person he photographed himself sharing time with during his last trip to Columbia in October of this year.

Other photos show the comedian dining with two other Columbian women he referred to as his girlfriends and raved about the local cuisine. Authorities are not claiming any of these women were involved in what happened to Xiong but they are trying to piece together the events leading to his death.

Xiong, 50, told his brother he was on his way to meet a woman he’d been communicating with online. His brother believes Xiong had not yet met this woman prior to the meeting he was about to have. Authorities believe this was part of a plan to kidnap the entertainer and activist in order to hold him for ransom.

This meeting was to take place on Sunday, December 10th but at around 7 p.m. local time Xiong called his roommate to inform him that he’d been kidnapped by several men and they were demanding 8 million Columbian pesos ($2,000) in order to release him safely. However, no ransom was exchanged and Xiong’s lifeless body was later found in a ravine. The activist reportedly received blunt force trauma and about a dozen stab wounds that lead to his death. The Laotian-born entertainer’s body remains in Columbia during due to the ongoing investigation but his family is working with authorities to have it send back to Minnesota for burial.

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