The Ongoing Arizona Election Issues Draw in Elon Musk

( – The 2022 elections in Arizona featured many irregularities, red flags and in the end a one-party sweep of all major positions. Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Attorney General Candidate Abe Hamadeh have been engaged in litigation ever since. They each have different cases in different courts but due to their persistence more and more bizarre anomalies are being unearthed. Hamadeh tweeted about one such anomaly earlier this week, he pointed out the Maricopa County rejection rate of mail in ballots was 0.13% versus a 2% rejection rate for in-person ballots.

Despite the fact there were over one million mail-in ballots compared to less than 250,000 in person votes. Twitter CEO and owner Elon Musk responded to Hamadeh’s tweet with one simple word “strange.” Musk’s reply brought more attention to the original tweet causing it to go viral and trend for a bit. Hamadeh responded to Musk with more statistics including the oddity of 30% of printers failing on Election Day despite working fine prior, refusal by authorities to extend voting hours and the county withholding provisional ballots from him pre-trial. Hamadeh stands now 280 votes behind Kris Mayes with what he says is over 8,000 votes still uncounted.   

Kari Lake also jumped in and replied to Musk stating Maricopa County cannot produce the chain of custody for ballots in an amount twice the size of her margin of loss which was 17,000 votes. Lake has not conceded and is currently awaiting an Arizona court to fulfill the order from the Arizona Supreme Court regarding signature match verifications on voting ballots. Lake has taken several documented anomalies and complaints to several courts through her litigation process.

The Arizona Supreme Court dismissed most but did send perhaps her most powerful issue back to the lower court to re-adjudicate. That issue is signature verification, the amount of which is many times larger than the Katie Hobbs margin of victory. The Lake team is awaiting that court to schedule the proceeding. In the meantime Lake has a large lead among voters in early Senate polls for 2024 should she decide to seek that office.

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