Top Democrat Calls For Private Homes To Be Used For Illegals

( – The mayor of New York City Eric Adams who lauds the city’s sanctuary policy for illegal aliens is overwhelmed and scrambling for desperate solutions to the massive overcrowding Biden’s open borders have brought. Adams has tried shipping his overflow of illegal aliens to surrounding communities, housing them in school gymnasiums and using tax payer funds to fill nearly 50% of New York City hotels with them. His latest brainstorm is shelling some of that tax payer money out to the very tax payers who had to pay it if they’ll take illegal aliens into their private homes to live. Some of the hotels where illegals are being housed charge almost $500 a night but Adams’ offer to citizens is far less, he’s offering $85 per night plus additional expenses like laundry and security upping he amount to $125 per night. One should assume the food for the migrants would come from the $85 but seeing as how many of the migrants are young men and food inflation being what it is, the home-owner would likely not see much in any profit at all. 

Adams has been actively trying to fill faith-based places like churches with these aliens which so far have lead to only about 1,000 being housed. The city is now the current home to roughly 72,000 illegal alien migrants with more coming every day and no migration end in sight. The city spent roughly $1.2 billion on migrants this year and is projecting to spend about $4.3 billion over the next year. Adams admitted he’s “trying to find ways” around existing rules prohibiting the housing of homeless people in private homes. He would also like to bring basement apartments up to city codes which would cost in the neighborhood of $14 billion for about 50,000 such apartments. Adams says he’s trying to “take this crisis and go to opportunities” which is what he believes the faith-based intuitions and private homes offer. Adams has asked the federal government for more money and has said the city may need to declare bankruptcy which would be cataclysmic for the Big Apple. 

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