Treasury to Testify Over ‘Hidden’ Biden Family Bank Dealings

( James Comer (R-KY), who sits as Chair of the House Oversight committee, is demanding the Treasury send a representative to testify as to why the agency has been non-cooperative in their investigation into potential Biden family criminal violations. Allegations include money laundering and wire fraud.

The committee references Suspicious Activity Reports, or SARs as they’re more commonly referenced, noted by several U.S. banks. There are 150 SARs dealing with foreign banks. What exactly the SARs contain is not fully known at this time. Comer could issue subpoenas should he decide there is no other recourse to compel Treasury to furnish him with the details.

Comer believes the Treasury is deliberately hiding this information and commented in part “{Treasury is}…delaying its production to hinder our investigation and operating in bad faith.”

The Committee is delving into many aspects of the Biden family’s revenue generating enterprises. Hunter Biden’s art sales are among fields on inquiry, as are Hunter’s numerous foreign dealings and what ties if any his father Joe Biden had and how he may have profited from them. Comer’s date for Treasury testimony is March 10th, as stated in his officially released February 24th statement.

Additionally, Hunter Biden is refusing to release documents, citing that he believes the Committee is not operating with legitimate cause. Some of Hunter Biden’s associates including Eric Schwerin who operated as a ‘top lieutenant’ related to financial interests are providing documents to. Hunter’s firm has been linked to dealings in excess of $1 billion with China-based companies and the New York Post has reported Joe Biden may have had a 10% stake in deals with Chinese Communist Party Officials.

The Biden family business remains in operation today as CNN reported in January. Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden who has no government or official position which would see him deal with the President of the United States, has nonetheless cited on at least two occasions his ‘influence’ over the office holder.

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