Trump Allies Pack Courtroom Denouncing Trial Circus

( Donald Trump was joined by several allies at his New York trial to show support, including Speaker Mike Johnson. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was also in attendance and he is one of the candidates in consideration to take Trump’s VP slot for the 2024 election campaign. Several Republican representatives were also in attendance. Alvin Bragg’s prosecution in the New York trial has been called a “sham” by ardent supporters and allies of the former president.

They say that Bragg ran to become the Attorney General for Manhattan specifically to prosecute Trump. The charges attempt to put Trump in jail for over 100 years for falsifying business records, which would normally be a misdemeanor charge. However, Bragg upgraded the charge to a felony on the allegation that it was done in an attempt to break campaign finance regulations.

Bragg also filed charges outside of the statute of limitations for the specific charge, but he is claiming the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in moving forward with the case. The circumstances that have led up to the charges being filed in this case has caused Trump allies to call the trial a “circus.”

Bragg has rarely shown up to the court during the trial, which some experts say is the way it should be. An employee for the previous two Manhattan District Attorneys said it is uncommon for the DA to attend any trial as much as Bragg has for this case. She said the Manhattan DA is always very busy and there are multiple components to the job that require focused attention.

The “hush money” trial continues into its fifth week as Trump is facing 34 charges related to the falsification of business records. Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges. The business records pertain to payments made to Stormy Daniels for an alleged affair that Trump denies completely. Trump maintains his position that the charges are fraudulent and politically motivated.

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