Trump Issues Biden A One Debate Per Month Challenge

( A memo from Donald Trump’s campaign has challenged President Biden to monthly debates between June and September for a total of four. President Biden recently accepted Trump’s challenge and two debates have been scheduled for June and September. Trump’s campaign celebrated the acceptance of two debates, but believes there should be more scheduled to help the American people understand the candidate’s outlook for the future of the country.

CNN is sanctioning the first debate on June 27 and has set some rules for potential third-party candidates to qualify for the event. The debates this year are being held independent of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) which has set the stage for debates in previous election cycles. Robert F. Kennedy would like to be on the stage and he said he will meet the requirements to join Biden and Trump on June 27. Previous election cycles did not have the requirement to be registered in enough states to obtain 270 electoral votes, a move that has been criticized as an attempt to keep Kennedy off the debate stage.

If Kennedy is to qualify for the debates, he will need to be registered to be on enough ballots to reach the 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. He will also need to receive a minimum of 15% in four different national polls. Trump said Biden doesn’t want RFK to be on the debate stage, because he is “far left.” Trump added that he doesn’t mind debating RFK, but he doesn’t think he has a reasonable chance of winning the presidency.

Biden and Trump’s campaign teams allegedly asked for a head to head debate without the possibility of RFK joining them on stage. Biden’s team said they made it clear to CNN that they would only accept the offer of a debate between him and Trump. Meanwhile, a CNN reporter producer allegedly told Trump that RFK will not be on the stage in June.

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