Trump Issues Stark Warning Over Hamas, Believes Majority Of Hostages Dead

( Donald Trump speculated that most of the hostages that have been held by Hamas are now deceased in a Truth Social post on the morning of April 29. Trump further stated that Hamas has a hard time keeping Jewish people locked up without taking their lives. He also said that the situation with the hostages in the middle-eastern war is going to get worse.

Trump made the comments as negotiations are underway to stop attacks in exchange for hostages. There has not been a disclosure regarding the specific number of Israeli hostages that are being held by Hamas. Trump’s statement was made partially to make the point that negotiations that involve the release of hostages will not be possible, because they don’t have enough living hostages to release.

There are 129 hostages taken on October 7 that have not been released by Hamas, and 34 of those are confirmed to be dead. Authorities in Israel and the United States speculate that the number of casualties could be more inflated than what they have been able to validate. Trump has claimed that President Biden is responsible for the Gaza war that has been happening since October 7th. In a Truth Social post, Trump said the initial attack that launched the current war would have never occurred under President Trump’s watch.

Hamas has responded to Israel ceasefire negotiations by saying they are unable to locate 40 hostages. If that’s true, it would confirm Trump’s suspicion that requiring a certain number of hostages released as part of a ceasefire agreement is not possible. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has lowered the number to 33, and believes the offer is reasonable.

Trump has offered more criticism for Prime Minister Netanyahu and said that there are many suitable candidates who could do a better job in the position to protect Israel from attacks like October 7. Benny Gantz, a retired Israeli army general, has requested a September election as Prime Minister Netanyahu is on the hotseat.

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