Trump Issues Stern Warning to Embarrassed MTG After Effort To Oust Speaker Fails

( President Donald Trump denounced Marjorie Taylor Greene’s effort to remove Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House. Trump said it isn’t the right time to push for a vote on the issue with so little support for the motion. He also defended Greene by saying she has the fire and passion to get things done. He also added that he expects to have her support for a very long time.

Previous reports stated that Trump was concerned that the push to oust Speaker Johnson could reflect badly on him during the November election. Trump also defended Johnson by saying he is doing the best he can and can’t unilaterally do whatever he wants. Trump asserted that Johnson is a good man.

Rep Greene has been attempting to lead the effort to remove Johnson as speaker because he allowed a vote on the aid package that sent billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Many Democrats have said they would not support

Johnson went to Columbia University to speak out against antisemitism amidst the anti-Israel protests happening around the country. The House passed a bill targeting antisemitism at universities in which Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republican representatives voted against the measure. Greene denounced the measure as targeting religious freedom, because a belief in biblical teaching that Jesus was crucified by Jews is considered antisemitism.

Despite the opposition from Greene and other House Republicans, the vote measure passed with the support of many Democrats. Scott Peters, a California Democrat, voted in favor of the bill, but also said it was “dumb.” The feeling was echoed by other Democratic representatives who supported the bill despite the belief that it won’t do anything to protect people from antisemitism.

Greene forced a vote in the House to remove Johnson as speaker, but it was rejected with a 359-43 vote. Trump responded to the vote that Johnson is trying his best and the vote to remove him has portrayed disunity within the Republican party. Trump added that this gives the appearance of chaos, which will reflect negatively on the party in an election year.

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