Trump Lays Down Debate Gauntlet To Biden – ‘Next Week, Ill Come To Whitehouse!’

( Donald Trump offered to debate President Joe Biden anywhere at any time and invited him to make the event happen as soon as possible. Presidential debates usually don’t happen until after the Democratic and Republican national conventions officially choose their nominees for the general election. The Biden campaign has avoided the question of whether a debate would occur between Biden and his presidential challenger. However, in an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, President Biden said he would be happy to debate Trump.

An advisor to Trump’s presidential campaign promptly responded to Biden’s offer by stating they are ready to setup a time for the debate in a post on the platform X.

Trump, in response to Biden’s statement, said he is ready to debate anytime anywhere. He added that everybody is aware that Biden doesn’t really want to debate, but Trump continued to push the idea. He suggested Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening while he is rallying in Michigan. Trump added that Michigan is a state that is being damaged by Biden’s policies, specifically the electric vehicle mandate.

Trump is currently embroiled in multiple criminal trials, including one in New York. He said, Biden is in New York now as well. Then, Trump suggested that Biden meets him at the courthouse to do the debate “this evening” on national television. The comment was made on Friday, April 26.

A February special counsel report suggested that President Biden has mental deficiencies, including poor and hazy memory. Biden has denied that there is any problem with his mental fortitude and his ability to lead the nation as the president. In a Pew Research Poll, 47% of respondents have absolutely no confidence that Biden is mentally fit to hold office. 35% of respondents feel the same way about Donald Trump’s mental acuity.

In a recent speech by President Biden, he said voters should choose “freedom over democracy,” which brought more scrutiny towards the president’s ability to hold the highest office in the country.

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