Trump Predicts Biden Will Be Replaced On The Ballot Before November

( In a discussion with political analyst Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump said he believes Joe Biden could be replaced with another candidate at the Democratic National Convention.

Hewitt mentioned California Governor Gavin Newsome and Vice President Kamala Harris as potential candidates who could be chosen as the Democratic Party nominee for the presidential election in November. Trump said he believes the Democratic Party doesn’t have a choice and they need to replace Biden if they want a chance at victory because Biden is becoming weaker. Trump also said it could be either Newsom or Harris in the spot.

Biden and Trump have both agreed to meet on the debate stage for two events with the first one happening on June 27. The Democratic National Convention takes place on August 19th, nearly two months following the first scheduled debate.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich suggested on MSNBC that Biden may not be the candidate that runs against Trump in November. Kasich was asked by host Jose Diaz-Balart what information he is using to come to that conclusion. Kasich mentioned recent polls that show Trump is ahead of Biden in five critical states that helped Biden win the election in 2020. Kasich referred to the state of the economy and said people don’t trust that Biden will be able to correct the poor economy with another presidential term.

Kasich also mentioned that he had conversations with several people that also make him believe it is possible that Biden is replaced on the ticket. Kasich was a Republican politician, but endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and said he supports Biden for the 2024 rematch in November.

Kasich showed concern that Biden would not perform well in the scheduled presidential debates. He also said that Biden’s campaign events and speeches are ineffective because he keeps talking about “Bidenomics.” Kasich thinks Biden is pretending the economy is doing well and people know from firsthand experience that is not the case.

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