Trump Team Responds To Controversial Biden’s Mother’s Day Ad

( Donald Trump’s campaign team lashed back against a Mother’s Day ad from President Joe Biden that attempts to paint Trump as a person who treats mothers badly. Steven Cheung, campaign spokesman for Trump, made a post on social media stating that Biden’s team is sad, miserable, and cowardly. Cheung said Biden’s team has a disorder that allows Trump to live “rent free” within their miniature brains.

The Mother’s Day ad calls on voters to make the right choice for mothers by voting against Trump in the November presidential election. The ad says Trump would allow pregnant women to be monitored by the government and he would block access to fertility treatments. The ad also shows Trump stating his border policy to split up families as a deterrent for families that would come across the southern border. The screen shows a mother crying, and the viewer assumes the mother has been split from her family based on Trump’s family separation policy.

Trump’s stance on abortion is that the states have the right to make the choice their citizens think is best. He said the overturning of Roe v Wade allows that power to go back to the states as intended. Meanwhile, President Biden claimed in his State of the Union address that he will do what he can to enshrine access to abortion as a federal right in the United States.

The southern border is a vital issue in this presidential election cycle as Democrats and Republicans view the influx of migrants crossing the border as a crisis. According to a poll, 53% of Democratic voters believe there is currently a crisis at the border, while 59% somewhat agree with reversing the birthright citizenship policy.

Trump has made the border issue a big sticking point for his campaign and has promised to close the border on his first day in office. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump said he would be a dictator on the first day in order to shut down the border. The largest number of immigrants crossing the border illegally has occurred under Joe Biden’s presidency over the last three years.

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