Trump Team Slam New Biopic ‘The Apprentice’ Threaten To Sue

( Donald Trump’s campaign team has threatened to sue the makers of a new biopic called “The Apprentice.”

Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said there are blatant lies within the defamatory film, including a scene that depicts a younger Trump raping his former wife Ivana. Ivana accused Trump of rape in 1989 during their divorce proceedings but rescinded the accusation in 2015 before she died. Ivana Trump said she felt violated, but wanted to clarify his actions were not criminal.

Cheung said the movie was created by “pretend filmmakers” and includes debunked, malicious lies. He went on to say the movie shouldn’t only be relegated to the bargain DVD bin at the store, but shouldn’t be viewed by anyone.

Ali Abbasi, the filmmaker, offered to provide a private screening of the movie for Trump. He said he doesn’t necessarily think Trump would dislike the film, although he doesn’t think he would enjoy it either. Abbasi offered to do the screening so they could talk about the context of the movie.

In response to the threat of a lawsuit, Abbasi said he hears about Trump suing people all the time. He added that the success rate of those lawsuits is never discussed. The film was released for the first screening at the Cannes Film Festival. It may, however, be unlikely to be screened at theaters nationwide.

Abassi, when talking about his film, said the movie contains people with human emotions and feelings. He said the most disturbing individuals that ever existed also have positive human emotions, such as love for a dog or partner. Some people who have viewed the movie argue that the portrayal of Trump in the movie could make Trump out to be a sympathetic figure.

Abassi is offering the private screening to Trump and his campaign, because he thinks the former president would be surprised by the portrayal of Trump in the film. Trump and his campaign team have not yet responded to Abassi’s offer.

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