TSA’s New Advisory: No Pets in Airport X-ray Devices!

(Daily360.com) – At some point is most everyone’s life they have received an X-ray for one reason or another. Whether it be a doctor’s office, special imaging facility, or at a dental checkup, most people have experienced receiving an X-ray. Likewise all who have know the X-ray technician will apply a lead vest or other lead-lined item prior to the X-ray being administered.

This is done because lead will shield the patient from the potentially damaging effects of the X-ray. An X-ray machine sends out a spectrum of radiation energy through the body and the lead is meant to block all parts of the patient’s body except the portion being imaged.

As the holiday season approaches many Americans and other people throughout the world will be taking to the skies to visit family and friends. Additionally, many of those travelers will take their beloved pets with them on their journey. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued warnings and reminders to people that they must take their pets out of their carriers during pre-flight screening. It seems some number of travelers have been putting their pet carriers on the X-ray machine conveyer with the animal still inside. This should never be done as it exposes the pet to radiation with no protection of any kind.

The TSA guidelines advise keeping pets in their carriers right up until the moment the agent asks for the carrier to be run through the X-ray machine. At that point the pet should be taken out and either held or leashed as the owner moves through the metal detector. Once the carrier is examined and sent through the conveyor, the pet should be returned to it. They also advise listening to the directions of TSA agents on site as some airports have different policies than others regarding pets, but none will require the pet be put through the X-ray machine.

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