Twitter Is Now X Corp

( – Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of Twitter, has rebranded the company as X Corp. Musk has often expressed his admiration for the Chinese app called WeChat and desires Twitter to be similar to it. The WeChat app is a “one-stop shop” application that features social media aspects, mobile payment features, instant messaging, and more. WeChat is predominantly used by over 1 billion people in Asia. Musk aims to see Twitter function similarly. Earlier this week, Musk sent an email to Twitter’s business partners, informing them to refer to the company as X Corp from now on. Musk’s email stated that the change will turn Twitter Inc. into X Corp, but the social media aspect that we are familiar with will continue to be referred to as Twitter. A linear comparison would be Google, which rebranded itself as Alphabet in 2015 and still operates as Google. Facebook’s change to Meta in 2021 is also comparable.

Elon Musk also sat down with Tucker Carlson for an interview on Fox News earlier in the week, where they discussed various topics. Musk informed Carlson that he is working in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and has heavily invested in a rival to the OpenAI ChatGPT, which he co-founded in 2015 but stepped down from its board in 2018. His new version is called “TruthGPT,” which should not be confused with Donald Trump’s Twitter rival Truth Social. Musk said AI can be trained to lie and voiced concern about OpenAI transitioning to a closed-source entity in partnership with Microsoft. Musk said that Microsoft, along with OpenAI and Google’s AI endeavors, needs a third competitor in the field, which would be his TruthAI. In March, Musk incorporated a company called “X.AI,” where he is recruiting AI talent to come and work. Musk told Carlson that the government should form an agency to regulate AI, as AI has the “potential of civilizational destruction.” He said that AI could be the next phase of “profound change,” as life on Earth is now and will be lived.

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