U.S. Military Unveils NEW WEAPON – There’s Nothing Like It!

US Military Unveils Shocking New Technology

US Military Unveils Shocking New Technology

(Daily360.com) – The B-2 Spirit bomber, added to the Air Force fleet in 1988, served the US military well. Notably, pilots used the aircraft to fly for nearly two days straight, breaking a record, to drop bombs on Afghanistan in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks. Given their age and the fact that only a few were still in commission, it was time for an upgrade — and the Air Force delivered the most advanced aircraft on the planet.

On December 2, the Pentagon revealed its newest creation in the realm of stealth bombers — the B-21 Raider. This slick and largely undetectable piece of machinery was so secret, only a drawing was released ahead of the big reveal. The bomber is part of the government’s response to fears of conflicts with China in the future and a component of the Pentagon’s plan to keep its nuclear triad up to date.

The aircraft is said to be able to get through any defense system using state-of-the-art “techniques and materials” to ensure the Air Force makes it to any target without detection. Chief Executive of Northrop Grumman Corp Kathy Warden, whose company is building the Raider, said of the B21, “You’ll hear it, but you really won’t see it.” The cost of developing the 100-bomber fleet could be upward of $753 million each, but the price paid has not been confirmed.

Six of the bombers are currently in production, and the model reached its debut in just seven short years. The first B-21 Raider flight is set to take place in 2023. Up to this point, Northrop Grumman has conducted all of its testing virtually. Warden said the outside of the new aircraft might appear similar to the B-2, but the inside is completely different, featuring advanced technologies. It also operates very differently than the old model and can fly manned or unmanned, as necessary.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and a handful of other guests attended the unveiling, which took place at a military facility in California and was available via an online stream.

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