Uninformed and Assaulted: Kentucky Moms’ Bahamas Nightmare

(Daily360.com) – Two moms from Kentucky were on a cruise together when they allege they endured a horrific assault at a Bahamian resort. Dongayla Dobson and Amber Shearer have been friends for years and decided to take a girls’ trip aboard a Carnival cruise ship. They said it was their first vacation without their children and they were trying to take advantage of all the opportunities the voyage offered.

The ship docked at the islands of The Bahamas and the pair decided to head to the beach for some further relaxation. It was there where the nightmare chain of events began according to the women. While appearing on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show they said a hotel employee offered them a two-for-one drink deal. The duo said they happily accepted the offer and even went so far as to post photos of a large pineapple and a large coconut cocktail on social media.

Soon after partaking in the drinks they say they felt woozy, as though the drinks were far more potent than either expected. Videos they posted just 15 minutes after the initial drink photo caused family members back home to become immediately concerned as the duo appeared highly intoxicated. In their inebriated state, the woman say they went to find seashells to bring home for their children when a resort staffer offered to take them to a spot that has a large number of shells.

Shearer says she must have lost consciousness at some point but awoke “in the process of my rape” at the hands of the hotel staffer. Dobson described her experience similarly but with a different hotel staffer assaulting her. After the incident the women were able to make it back to the resort and report the attack. The men were identified as a 40-year-old local and a 54-year-old from Eight Mile Rock, one of whom had only been employed at the resort for just a week.

The women say the Bahamian police did not administer a rape kit despite their pleas. Once back onboard the ship they received toxicology tests that showed they had virtually no alcohol in their systems but did have a large variety of drugs including benzodiazepines. These are tranquilizers in the class of drugs that includes Valium and Xanax. They say they received further medical care once back home including $4,000 HIV-prevention medication. The victims say they feel traumatized and angry that they were not informed about the U.S. State Department Level 3 travel advisory that had been issued for The Bahamas.

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