University President Convicted of Genocide In Mock Trial

( – A pro-Palestine campus group held a mock trial of their University president and found her guilty of genocide. The school is Cornell University, located in Ithaca, New York. The anti-Israeli group that held this mock trail of the university’s president Martha Pollack is the latest episode in a rash of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish activity of the school’s campus.

Since the war between Israeli forces and Hamas broke out in early October, many students at Cornell have been voicing support and staging demonstrations on behalf of Palestine. One professor at the school is said to have called the Hamas attacks “exhilarating” before being put on a leave of absence.

The campus has been so rife with antisemitism that the Antisemitism Task Force, wrote, sent, and made public a letter to the administration. The letter urges administrators to put forward a plan and take action and protect the Jewish students on campus. They and others say as the pro-Palestine contingent grows larger and more active, the Jewish students become less safe.

The mock trial held that Pollack is guilty in some way of ‘complicity’ in genocide regarding the Gaza region. These students do not regard the Hamas attack on Israel or the fact that Muslims may live in Israel but Israelis may not live in Gaza as relevant.

Pro Jewish groups believe what is happening on the Cornell campus has the potential to be quite dangerous and could escalate at any time. The FBI recently made an arrest on campus when a student threatened to “shoot up” a kosher deli and kill Jewish students. Despite the arrest and ongoing threats, demonstrations have been allowed to continue.

One recent protest saw several students belonging to a group calling itself “Justice for Palestine” stage what they called a “die in” last week. Students went into classrooms as students were trying to learn and disrupted them while “occupying” their spaces. For now there seems to be no end coming for these student demonstrations.

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