UNLV Gunman Identified: Failed Professor, Anthony Polito

(Daily360.com) – A man denied a professorship position at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) went on a shooting spree and killed three before being gunned down by police. Anthony Polito, 67, began his shooting spree on December 7 just before noon. Armed with a pistol, Polio is alleged to have begun his homicidal rampage on the fourth floor of UNLV’s business school, in Bream Hall, which is located near the student union building.

Polito killed three people and critically wounded a fourth before it was done. He was eventually stopped by two police detectives who responded to the gunfire. The detectives were treated for minor injuries after the shootout, but these were mostly due to clearing the buildings rather than their confrontation of Polito.

Polito kept a website where he expounded on a great many topics. He claims to have de-coded the 1960’s serial killer Zodiac’s letters. He defended his translations by saying he was a member of the high IQ MENSA group for more than three decades. He also wrote that he knew what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared in 2014.

Polito delved into pop culture as well, assuring his website’s visitors that he knew the true meaning of the Leonardo DiCaprio film, “Inception.” Polito, a long time professor at Virginia’s Ranford University, wrote in great detail about his love of all things Las Vegas. He praised the city as much more than a gambling haven.

He also included dozens upon dozens of what he claimed to be student reviews of him as their teacher. The 109 pages full of reviews were mostly very favorable to the now deceased former professor. Polito’s website listed his favorite films, such as “Apocalypse Now,” and favorite recording artists like Frank Sinatra. He also derided the global influence of the Rothschild family and created lists of people he felt were the “Great Minds” in recent history, including Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan.

Polito’s victims were not students but were faculty and staff members. Police are investigating whether they can determine if they were targets for that reason or if it was random.

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