US Military Takes Warfare To The Next Level — Incredible New Technology

US Military Tests Robotic-Fired Javelin Missiles

US Military Tests Robotic-Fired Javelin Missiles

( – In 2016, US Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center Chief Roboticist Robert Sadowski discussed the future of autonomous systems in the military. The expert talked about the different ways robots could function in military operations on the ground and the air, as well as applications connecting the two. The military branch has now put that information to use.

On September 27, the Army conducted various weapons drills and exercises at an exhibition in Fort Hood, Texas, to show the branch’s technological advancements in combat capabilities. Some of the weapons fired were Javelin anti-tank missiles and .50-caliber machine guns from robotic vehicles weighing seven tons. The dozen platforms and six vehicles displayed multiple years’ worth of work by experts.

All of the automotives — RCV-Light, Medium, and Heavy — were created to operate without a soldier, also known as unmanned operations. These missions, directed by trained personnel, might include delivering supplies, locating and destroying targets, “scouting, and reconnaissance.” The deputy executive director in charge of the ground vehicles, Kevin Mills, told Fox News that the systems could transport payloads without humans riding along. That way, the technology could be smaller in size while still performing the set task.

The director hopes the Army will view the demonstration as an opportunity to think about how it might use “combat robotics” knowledge to make decisions about how the military will fight in the future.

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