Vatican Newspaper Condemns Border Fence as “Inhuman”

( – The United States is currently undergoing the most illegal immigration in its history. Illegal aliens are overwhelming cities throughout the country, empowering human traffickers, hurting local economies, and crippling community services. 

Despite what many people would call an “open border” under the Biden administration, the Vatican newspaper has published an article slamming the United States for what the writer views as overly strict immigration policies. The newspaper printed a photo of a woman and an early-teenage-looking child crawling through barbed wire to illegally enter the U.S. The newspaper labeled this as “inhumane wire” and captioned the photo describing it as an example of the “suffering of migrants” trying to break U.S. law by crossing the border from Mexico. 

The Vatican, along with Pope Francis, has been quite open about their position that migration, even if illegal, should be encouraged and supported. Pope Francis has made statements decrying border walls or any other measure trying to protect Western nations’ sovereignty. In 2021 Francis made a speech calling for a global coalition and a policy of “no more walls” and urging all people to adopt a position of “we” for all things. The pontiff went on to insult anyone who would take an opposing view, saying that walls are nothing but a way for people with a “deep-seated fear of others” to hide. He said critics need to embrace the “unknown” and disregard their nation’s security and the protection of its traditions. 

Pope Francis did not stop there. He dug in further when he said borders are a form of “local narcissism” and that wanting to keep a nation’s traditions and culture are “unhealthy.” He reiterated any “fear” or desire to avoid the unknown is not the proper way to think or behave. Vatican City where the pope resides, of course, has 40-foot walls surrounding it. They were erected in the year 846 A.D. to keep Islamic invaders out of the city. Neither Pope Francis nor the Vatican have made any statements about taking those walls down.  

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