Virginia Democrats Propose Early Release for Serious Offenders

( – Video of Virginia officials being questioned about a newly proposed bill confirms state Democrats are trying to provide leniency for more than 2,000 violent felons. The plan is to reduce sentences for a staggeringly large percentage of people who are serving time for first degree murder, second degree murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery. In addition to those violent felons, the Virginia Democrats single out convicted pedophiles for reduced sentences as well.

When looking at the specifics of the bill the above mentioned offenses are just some of those that would be part of this plan. A majority of sex-related offenses, including producing child pornography, are included. As if this weren’t enough, people in prison for terrorism, drug, and human trafficking crimes would also be looking at far less prison time than they were sentenced to.

As one would expect many of the victims and family members of crime victims are in opposition to this proposal. They were allowed to voice their concerns to the committee, but only via video conference.

The man spearheading the push to reduce these sentences is Democrat State Senator Craig Deeds, who has previously run for Virginia Attorney General in 2005 and Governor in 2009. Some say Deeds is an example of how far left the Democrat party has shifted as Deeds was considered moderate while running for those offices, even standing against gay marriage and for the death penalty.

Deeds claims “redemption can be real” and that the state must give these thousands of felons the opportunity to be free people again. The current Attorney General of Virginia, Jason Miyares, disagrees with Deeds. He calls this plan “backdoor parole” and has no intention of supporting it. Miyares said that releasing these violent felons and child predators back onto the streets is not only dangerous but a slap in the face to their victims. He said while some inmates may be rehabilitated, the chances of that are usually quite slim.

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