Virginia Senator’s Ridiculous Assault Weapons Ban Justification

( – A Virginia state senator who recently flipped his position and now favors a ban on semi-automatic rifles is using a justification that seems familiar to many. Democrat Senator Creigh Deeds represents the Charlottesville area of his state and says his reversal of position is due to what he believes are better alternatives for home defense. Deeds made statements explaining that he believes shotguns would likely be a better alternative for most home owners due to their higher noise output and ease of use.

These statements are reminding many of some Joe Biden made a little over decade ago about his views on shotguns. Biden similarly described the high noise output as a means to thwart potential home invaders. He said that he would have no need for an AR-15 style rifle because he would fire a shotgun blast through his closed front door at the would-be intruder. Of course this behavior would violate most gun safety measures but Biden then went on to say that he advised his wife Jill Biden to do similarly reckless things. He remembered telling his wife that if she became fearful while he was away that she should go outside and fire two shotgun blasts in the air to chase away any would-be criminals.

Those who stand in opposition to the proposed semi-automatic rifle ban say both Biden then and Deeds now are wrong about these guns. They say a shotgun is not simple to shoot and a person must be ready for its recoil. They argue that in many ways an AR-15 style rifle is actually easier to handle and control than a shotgun. The semi-automatic rifle dispenses one round per trigger pull as opposed to the shotgun which sprays a field of pellets.

Second Amendment defenders say it is not up to bureaucrats like Deeds or Biden who don’t seem to understand how firearms work to determine what homeowners can choose for home defense. They say a shotgun may be preferable to some while semi-automatic rifles may better suit others. They hope that should the legislation supported by Deeds reach Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin that he’ll reject it with a veto.

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