Vladimir Putin’s WWII Tactics Are Wiping Out His Troops

Vladimir Putin’s WWII Tactics Are Wiping Out His Troops

(Daily360.com) – Trench warfare is an outdated style of combat the western world hasn’t seen since World War II. As the name suggests, a warring country would create subterranean divots from which to attack, counterattack, and defend positions from stronger forces during the battle.

On December 16, Britain’s Ministry of Defence said Russian military leaders are using these tactics, leaving their troops vulnerable to the modern warfare abilities of Ukraine, ultimately wiping many of them out. The UK official said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces are building these defensive measures at different points of the front lines but concentrating heavily on Svatove — a previously identified weak point for Russia.

In November, UK intelligence revealed that Russian commanders are focused on Svatove because it’s an important region if the invading forces want to occupy the Luhansk Oblast area. However, officials also said Putin’s troops are experiencing problems with shortages of ammunition and adequately trained personnel, making it difficult to succeed. While the Luhansk Oblast region was taken over in the early days of the war, Ukraine has liberated a dozen settlements so far, weakening Russia’s stronghold.

Using entrenchments that don’t compare to modern-day tactics could leave Russian troops without much defense at all. In fact, the British ministry said those measures wouldn’t stand up to precision strikes from Ukrainian forces, should they decide to attack.

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