Was the Northeastern University Letter Bombing Staged?

Was the Northeastern University Letter Bombing Staged?

Bombing STAGED? Investigators Think So

(Daily360.com) – On September 13, a package allegedly arrived at Northeastern University in Boston. Apparently, when a staff member opened the parcel, it exploded, resulting in minor injuries to the individual. At least, that’s the claim.

On September 14, reports indicate federal officials reportedly questioned whether there was a bombing at all. Authorities now allegedly believe the employee may have lied to officers at the scene and staged the whole incident. The Boston Herald claimed officers found inconsistencies during the evidence-gathering stage of the process.

Officials told reporters that they couldn’t reconcile what staff members said took place and the injuries the doctors observed. The victim’s injuries did not appear to have been caused by an explosion of any kind.

Initial reports stated there was a letter with the package complaining about Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse he is creating, promising more attacks.

First responders reportedly called the scene “weird,” saying those present didn’t seem particularly alarmed. Reporters claimed that experts didn’t find any remnants of an explosive device in the Pelican box that was supposed to have blown up. Authorities also noted the container did not come through the postal service.

Officials are continuing to investigate the incident but have not issued a final report.

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