What Is a Wimmin… UT-Austin Says It’s What Used To Be Women

(Daily360.com) – In the age of what was called ‘political correctness’ which has now transitioned into what’s called ‘wokeness’ it seems no matter what is out there, someone may take offense to it. Things went to another level when ubiquitous trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney burst onto the scene and Matt Walsh put out his “What is a Woman” documentary.

Even then Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson when asked ‘what is woman’ said she couldn’t answer as she’s not a biologist. Well, the University of Texas at Austin has taken the debate to a whole new level. They’ve removed the word ‘woman’ from their parlance altogether and replaced it with the word “wimmin.”   

The school’s Financial and Administrative Services posted a “Language Matters: Glossary of Terms” included within is the term ‘wimmin.’ The purpose of which is to altogether remove the letters ‘men’ from the word. They say this is designed to make conversation “easier.” University officials say this change is about empowerment and it meant to reflect a social evolution in things like language, diversity, understanding and somehow skill as well. The glossary gives those seeking alternatives even to wimmin the options of “womxn” or “womyn” should they desire. 

The work of course also includes the somewhat polarizing “Latinx” term, which is a gender-neutral term for those identifying as Latin but also as non binary male or female. Of course white supremacy, white fragility and all the new nomenclature assigned to race are present as well.

After some public scrutiny from the likes of Christopher Ruffo of the Manhattan Institute, the University had the glossary removed from its website. When asked why they removed the glossary the institution responded with a brief statement saying it lacked “relevance” to financial and administrative service objectives.

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