White House Points Finger at Republicans for Worsening Border Crisis

(Daily360.com) – The Biden administration’s seemingly open border policy has led to record numbers of illegal aliens entering the country during his tenure but the administration is blaming Republicans for the invasion. Astonishingly, White House spokesman Andrew Bates said it is the Republicans who have the “anti-border security record” because they have objected to Biden’s budget proposals.

Bates dismissed the GOP’s objection to the administration’s plan to tie border funds to the funding of Ukraine, Israel and Indo-pacific nations. He says their unwillingness to tie foreign funding to the border and not going along with the Biden plan to ‘modernize’ border policy is the true culprit. As a result of their non-compliance they are now responsible for the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La) led a group of GOP Congress-people visiting the border on Wednesday, January 3 and blasted the Biden administration’s dereliction of duty. Bates countered by saying the GOP actions speak louder than their words. He alleges that the Republicans want to damage Customs and Border by refusing Biden’s supplemental funding request.

Johnson said the Biden administration’s funding request would not in any way slow illegal border crossing but would instead exacerbate it. He points out Biden wants funds to make it easier to process illegal aliens into the nation, not to stop or remove them. They want to expand their catch-and-release policy and expand their “abuse” of the asylum and parole systems, he says. Johnson said that Biden not only has no intention to slow or stop illegal immigration but is in reality undermining U.S. national security “at every turn.”

Johnson has not gone as far as to say there will be no funding without a closed border but came closer to insinuating that at his border press conference than he has before. The Senate and the White House are reportedly working on some kind of border deal. The Biden administration has been openly hostile to states that have tried to get the problem under control; they sued Arizona when it put shipping crates down to deter illegals, sued Texas to remove a water buoy, and sued Texas again recently for their new law that makes it possible to detain illegal aliens in the state.

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