White House Unprepared for Russian Space Nuke

(Daily360.com) – Last week, Republican Congressman Mike Turner (OH) set social media spinning when he tweeted about a grave threat to America from an adversary. After much speculation it was revealed that Turner was alluding to a potential nuclear weapons cache that Russia may have in space. If they have the ability to launch nuclear weapons from space, American officials say there is little anyone can do to stop it.

That is the current threat being pushed by the media and political actors to drive financial support to aid the fight against Russia on the ground in Ukraine and financially through sanctions. Decades ago, all nations agreed to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 which strictly forbid any country from putting any kind of nuclear weapon in space. Despite this agreement, many western leaders are saying Putin would not abide by such an agreement and we all must be prepared for the potential consequences. They say Putin is already in violation of at least four treaties regarding war and nuclear weapons.

Politicians and media outlets are warning people that a Russian nuclear strike could be the most destabilizing event in history. They say it could knock out communication satellites, surveillance satellites, as well as things like the Starlink network and the internet. Turner who is also the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee has been asking the Biden administration to declassify information regarding Russian capabilities for all to see. During a recent appearance on NBC, Turner said the Biden team is “sleepwalking” into an “international crisis.” Turner said the people deserve the information and then referenced the administration’s bungled attempts to cover up the Chinese spy balloon that floated above large portions of the US in late January of 2023.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan downplayed Turner’s alarmism by saying he’d already made inroads with the Gang of Eight regarding this situation and offered himself to House and Senate leaders for briefings. He says Turner should be aware of this and was surprised by his recent statements.

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