Will Your State Get a Staggering “Reparations” Bill?

(Daily360.com) – Like so many things, it began in California. After two years of research and diligence the nine-member Reparations Task Force formed by Governor Gavin Newsom has returned a number. They estimate that black people descended from a slave should receive $223,200 in compensation from the state. As such, this plan would cost California taxpayers as much as $569 billion which would be about two and one-half times the state’s entire budget.

This ‘task force’ will give its final recommendation this summer. One member stated the scale of these payouts will be the “largest since Reconstruction.” Historically, California was never a state that had any slaves as it entered the Union in 1850 after being purchased from Mexico. As such the task force is getting around its own descendant of a slave perquisite by locking onto ‘housing discrimination’ between 1933 and 1977 as their baseline. From there they’ve chosen to attach a dollar amount to mass incarceration, property seizures, and business devaluations. They created a formula by determining ‘wrongs’ committed against black Americans versus those who benefitted from those wrongs must now pay. They claim each black Californian was harmed by $5,074 per year by housing policies in the state which would reach the sum of $223,200 per eligible person. The city of San Francisco has separately determined each black slave descendant should receive $5 million from the city.

If this metric is to be adopted, it’s reasonable to assume other ethnic groups affected by the alleged housing discrimination could cite the precedent and require similar compensation.

The task force also recommends the elimination of standardized school testing from K-12 including the SAT, MCAT, and state bar exam. They recommend the establishment of state-subsidized mortgages, special low rates for black residents, forgiveness of past-due child-support payments and turning that responsibility over to the state.

Other states such as New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and Oregon have explored proposals to study potential reparation payments but have not officially launched any advancement on it.

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