WWE Star Admits to Past Addiction

(Daily360.com) – Hulk Hogan is arguably the most famous professional wrestler in history and has always been a larger than life personality. The 6’7” 302 pound Hall of Famer recently admitted to having the same problem that plagues millions of people, he was addicted to pain medication. 

The now 70-year-old Hulkster said he endured more than 25 surgeries over his career. The procedures included ten back surgeries, several facial surgeries and both hip and knee replacements. Hogan says he got caught in a “vicious cycle” as with every surgery he’d receive a painkiller prescription. 

He said that although the surgeries may have been fixing issues, the resulting pain required medication in order for Hogan to maintain mobility and functionality in his day to day life. He says he was “hitting the pills pretty hard.” Hogan said one back surgery alone would take a year to recover from, but he was having procedures roughly every four months. He was trying to recover from multiple surgeries at the same time and needed the pills to offset and manage the various pain centers. 

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, said that when he was finally recovering and moving away from needing more procedures, doctors would still prescribe more pain medication. He’d get a call from his pharmacy saying that his prescription was ready for pick up and his reaction was “like a dog chasing a bone” and off he’d go to the pharmacy. He says he wanted to move past his growing addiction but first he needed to convince himself that he no longer required medication to manage the pain. 

Hogan says he still has daily pain from his long wrestling career but it does not reach the level that would require any medication to mask. The star said he still gets regular inflammations but manages it with Cannabidiol known as CBD which is an active ingredient derived from hemp plants. He says he noticed a reduced swelling especially in his wrists almost immediately.

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