Hollywood Megastar Dennis Quaid Pledges Trump Support

(Daily360.com) Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid announced his support for Donald Trump in the 2024 election during an interview with Piers Morgan. Quaid made an appearance on Morgan’s show to promote his new movie in which he portrays President Ronald Reagan. Quaid said that he sees a weaponization of the judicial system, which is a major threat to the constitution in the United States.

Quaid said Trump has had so many investigations against him that he is probably the most targeted person in the history of the world. During the interview, Quaid said he was considering not voting for Trump in 2024, but decided it is important to counter the attack on the constitution that is occurring through the justice system’s political fight against the former president.

Quaid said he doesn’t necessarily like Trump as a person and that he considers him to be an “a**hole.” He said he cringed at many of the things Trump said while campaigning in 2016 and 2020, but supports everything he did while he was president. Quaid said that Trump stands up to people and referenced Trump’s relationship with North Korea, China, and ISIS. He said there are bad people in the world and we need a president that will not try to be everybody’s friend like Jimmy Carter did.

Quaid also discussed the nature of the trials that have been brought against Trump. He said that despite being the most targeted person in history, they haven’t been able to successfully convict him of anything. Quaid referenced the “hush money” trial that is nearing a verdict following jury deliberations. Quaid said he still can’t figure out what crime Trump committed in that case. Specifically, Trump is facing 34 felony charges relating to the falsification of business records.

The jury will have to decide on each of the 34 charges whether Trump is guilty. In order for Trump to be guilty in the court of law, there needs to be unanimous agreement on a specific charge.

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