Migrants Panicked As Deportation Set To Begin

(Daily360.com) The first deportations under President Biden’s new border rule have been enacted with many migrants worried about what the future holds. The executive order signed by Biden causes border entry to be closed to asylum seekers when the average daily number of interactions reaches 2,500 per day. That number has been reached, which means the immigrants that have crossed the border illegally are likely to be deported.

The border will continue to be closed for asylum seekers until the average number of border interactions drops to 1,500 per day for seven straight days. The last time the border interactions were that low was in July 2020. That was the height of the COVID pandemic and an election campaign was in full swing.

Immigrants will still have an opportunity to make their cases for asylum, if they claim their deportation will cause them to be put into an unsafe situation. However, the bar for granting asylum is more stringent than it was previously.

When Biden signed the measure, he said those that do not follow the laws of entry will be denied their asylum claims. The asylum system currently has over three million pending applications. Before this executive order took effect, migrants could stay in the United States indefinitely while their asylum application was being processed. Now with a large backlog of applications, Biden felt it was necessary to make a change to the way asylum applications are accepted.

A memo has been leaked that purportedly gives San Diego border agents instructions to allow migrants from certain countries on the eastern hemisphere to walk through without issues. According to the memo, migrants should be released on their “own recognizance,” unless they are from Russia, Georgia Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan. The executive order from Biden made no exceptions to the rule, so this memo is considered a violation of the order. The memo reportedly only applies to the San Diego border entry point.

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