Cop Caught Red Handed In Squad Car With Arrested Woman

( A San Diego police officer locked himself in the back of the squad car with a female suspect who wanted to have intimate relations with him.

The body cam footage was just released from the date of the arrest on August 15, 2023 and the investigation was completed in May 2024. Officer Anthony Hair resigned from his position about a month after the incident and a day before he was going to be interviewed by internal affairs regarding the encounter with the suspect.

The woman allegedly stole a car and had a bench warrant for her arrest on other charges. The released body cam footage starts after she had been arrested by Officer Hair. While driving back to the precinct, the woman asked Hair if he was single. After he responding that he was single, she said she was “down to f***.” The officer told her not to say that right now, because everything was being recorded. The GPS showed that he turned down a residential street before turning off his body cam.

After 20 minutes, Hair contacted one of his colleagues at the police station to come help him. He asked the other officer to bring a master key, but wouldn’t say why he needed help. The other officer came to meet Hair and found him locked in the backseat of the car with the female suspect. They were in the backseat of the car together for over an hour by the time the other officer came to the rescue.

Hair said nothing inappropriate happened. He said he was checking on the suspect in the backseat and was trying to wake her up. He knocked his body cam off the clip, which caused it to stop operating. He said the door closed behind him while he was checking on her. The suspect denied that Hair did anything inappropriate, but said he wanted to meet up with her after she gets released from jail. During the investigation, traces of semen were found on Hair’s belt buckle.

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